Recall the popular band The Fantastic Shakers

Recall the popular band The Fantastic Shakers – Music is an art that has been around for a long time. Coloring the world with many lyrics and melodies makes people feel better about life.

Many genres with interesting lyrics come from life’s inspiration so it feels like everyone’s outpouring. There are so many music genres in the world, there are rock, hip-hop, pop, jazz, rnb, blues and others.

Recall the popular band The Fantastic Shakers

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Recall the popular band The Fantastic Shakers

Each genre of music must have fans or lovers. No wonder that in earlier times many bands were loved because songs from earlier times were more easily accepted in the community.

Not a few bands and even ancient singers who are now legendary are still worshiped. Their song creation is still ringing and popular. The limitations of the music world at that time did not make the quality of music worse, but at that time the quality of music was considered better.

Speaking of legendary ancient music, have you ever heard of the blues genre band The Fantastic Shakers?

Maybe you music lovers still feel strange with the name of The Fantastic Shakers. The current generation of children certainly does not know this one band. But for parents, this band was quite popular at that time.

The Most Popular Blues Genre Band

Here we will help remind you again about the band’s music. The Fantastic Shakers is a blues genre band that was active in 1978.

This 7-member band (including vocalists) was very popular in the 70s. The album has almost dozens of songs in demand in the market.

Popular song titles such as Myrtle Beach Days, Shakin the Shark, Something Said Love, and others.

Although spelled out as a legendary band, this band did not disperse. The last time in 2007, the band still composed songs for their fans. And the song was well received so the fans could reminisce about the cruelty of its glory in the 70s.