Some Popular Albums from The Fantastic Shakers

Some Popular Albums from The Fantastic Shakers

Music is indeed not a new thing for the people. Included in a sound art that is much-loved by people. Anyone can do it, but to create beautiful music and songs requires special expertise that can be accepted by the community.

Some Popular Albums from The Fantastic Shakers

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Some Popular Albums from The Fantastic Shakers

A little knowledge, music has been gaining in popularity for a long time and it is possible that when you were not born. Many singers and bands have sprung up from the 70s with interesting rhythmic songs. The lyrics used are also not an artificial origin, but are made with heart based on the inspiration of the songwriter.

An old song is usually singers or band members make it themselves without help from others. So they can become popular because the music is in accordance with the flow they bring as usual

One of them is the band The Fantastic Shakers, a blues genre band that has had many albums since active in the music world.

For those of you who like old music, maybe you’ve heard the name of this one band. But for the younger generation of the 2000s they would feel strange and might consider this band not a popular band. In fact, this one band is one of the popular bands in the 70s which is still active.

The band that embraces the blues genre is quite a lot of fans. The following are albums that were popular at that time:

Shakin the Shack, Biggest Mistake, Something Said Love, She’s Got My Number, Jitterbug Boogie, Somebody’s Taken Your Place, Where Do I Go, Call Collect, Shake That Thing, and others.

His albums were quite popular in the 70s to 90s. So for you young people, your parents might have become one of the fans of this one band.

Until now the band is still active and has just emerged again in the public to bring his songs to his fans